Sunday, October 23, 2011

talkin point 6

the website/article talks about racism in the world we live in as a past and current problem in society we live in.  It is something that I feel is always going to be around and unfortunaly I ddont think there is anything we can do t stop it feel we just need to accept racism is always going to be around. this website mentions how racism has shaped society and caused problems in our society.  i feel racism and cultural differences is one of the biggest reasons why we are divided as a community. The race issue is dividing us and causing issues.  In class we talk about how it affects our lives. I feel racism is not as bad as it once was but it still very much apart of the world elive in.. I connected this website to many to of tthe readings even Christensen. it will be intresting to talk aout this website in class

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  1. Good start but now actually write about the connection to Christensen and the information you learned on the Brown v. Board website...