Monday, October 17, 2011

Talking Points 5

I am "Extending Comments" to "Tyler Tduff" blog.  I agree with Tyler he said that Christensen mentions how media can effect societys way of viewing things and I agree completly.  Not all of people are influenced by media because tehre are many mentally strong people in this world but I feel most of the people especially kids in our age group are influenced by media.  For example, if girls go shopping and they see celebrities wearing Gucci and Versace Sunglasses on chacnes are they are going to try and buy those designer brand because its considered "fashinoable".  Guys playing sports may be influenced to take certain supplments they see athletes taking to help improve performance.  Media plays a big role in society especially in the department of money. Tyler mentions that  Christensen talks about how money is so important and makes happiness, I believe it def. can make a person happy but I think having good health and good morals outweights the money even though you can never have enough of it.   I agree with Tyler as well when he mentions media and marketing and how girls look in magazines is how media promotes how females should look.  I feel this is wrong sometimes cause not everyone will look the same but at the same time business is business and that type of marketing makes money through fashion etc. I feel this article was intresting

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  1. Great commentary on Tyler's post... Think of this as one of your misc posts. But you also need to post on the topic of the week in some way, shape or form. If you choose extended comments you should do it for the week's reading.