Wednesday, December 7, 2011

TIM WISE Talking 12

I am using my blog in response to TDUFF and his summary on Tim Wise and racism.  I agree with Tyler that in society today the Whites are thought to be more powerful, educated, and wealthier than any of the other races.  I feel that the media and society we live in has shape us to think this way.  I do really believe though that from reading this article i can see where the miniorities can feel as if they are being judged upon.  In my opinion however, i cant stand when people use the race card for every single thing, a line from a comedy film starin Stifler and Paul Rudd and the actor Mcloving, a young black boy knocks over a tent his parnter build up and the mentor says, did you do that and the african boy says "why because im black you think i did this" and his response was " no because you did it thats why i think you did it" it was comical but at the same time it had meaning to it.  I feel now that people use the race card for excuses alot.  I belive people are prejudice against race no matter what color even whites.  I know that Italians are viewed to be crooks or known for other things and some of this is due to media just like African Americans can be viewed negativly but they are successful people too.  Tim Wise article on racism makes sense to me It is never going to end and people need to learn to accept it for what it is unfortunally.

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