Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Promising Practice

This event started bright and early saturday morning at RIC. the day started by signing in to a worksheet that told you which group you would be working with during the day.  I got put in group 2. a reading and writing workshop. I felt so out of place. I knew nobody in the group and we were talking about reading books and writing. We did a few ice breaker games in the first group which was kind of fun but then we started talking about writing and verbs and stuf and i had no clue what was going on to be honest.  I did alright in that aspect.  After the first workshop ended around 940 we went into another room it was a second grade teachers room and we a teacher Michelle and her assistant talked about reading and power of reading.  We watched a 10 minute clip on organzing a library area in a classroom and in a school. To be truthful I really couldnt focus on what was going on because i had no intrest in this topic and felt out of place because all of the students around me were all going to be writing or reading teachers and I felt not as knowledgable as them in certain areas.  I tried to pay attention as much as possible. After that meeting we met and sat at the cafe where i saw my classmates and that was a relief because i felt more comfortable there cause i knew the people. We sat around for about a half hour and i ate a lot of granola bars, after that we went to Teen Enpowerment meeting, to be truthful I really didnt understand the point of this session.  I give the kids alot of credit for standing up and presenting their views on acheiving goals in school but I just did not relate to the points they were trying to make.  They played alot of ice breaker games but I feel most the people didnt no what was going on either.  The main idea i think of the presentation was to tell people that there are ways to acheive goals in school and you can do what you want if you put your mind to it. Also, to help people in need if they need it and offer them guidance and support.  I give the kids alot of credit to do what they are doing and they seem like they are going to have a bright future if they contiune staying on track.  I found the ALLIED meeting to be pretty intresting and useful i feel the made message there was to be open to diversity and get a understanding of what is going on in the world.  I feel this relates to Johnsons journal about understanding diversity and learning about race and changes in the world and learning how to adapt to it . I also felt that  it related to Delpit and the rules of power, how the teachers shuld explicitly teach the rules and codes to those students who may not learn them at there homes.  ALso related to Rodriguez because self identity would be a big factor in this ALLIED and teen empowerment meeting, i feel students will sometimes do things to fit into our peoples public eye.


  1. The second website you posted has a lot of interesting information on it, thanks for posting that. Also, those granola bars were not satisfying.

  2. " i ate a lot of granola bars" This is true. He ate mad granola bars.