Sunday, November 20, 2011

talking points 9 quotes least restrictive enviroment

Now we know that people with disabilities can learn and have a full, rich life. The challenge is to erase negative attitudes about people with developmental disabilities, get rid of the stereotypes and break the barriers for people with disabilities. (Kingsley, 1996, p. 6)

I started to notice that I didn't like the classes I was taking called special education.!had togothroughspecialed.almostallmylife. I wanted to take other classes that interested me. I had never felt so mad, 1 wanted to cry. (Peterson, 1994, p. 6)
willnot recognize the diverse contributions of those who wear obscur
ing labels until we move our focus from the disability and look for the
complexity and individuality we take for granted in ourselves. Only get
ting to know a person in all his or her multifaceted indiViduality can cause
the "huge" disability [spread] to magically shrink and assume its real

I feel that these are three of the more important quotes in the article reading because it relates to the text of how stigma in disabilities and learning are a big deal and it is happening all over and is growing.  Placing students in a LRE can be both benefical and yet confrontintal at the same time. Many people will aruge that teaching kids in a LRE can help the students with disabilities can self confidence and make them feel normal and accepted by others. Also, it will not single out the kids and make them push themselves in order to keep up with the other students.  Teaching students in LRE i feel really makes the kids with disabilities feel normal and better about themselves and i think this is something that all kids with disabilities want. To feel accepted. The government feels teaching in LRE is good because it elimates any stimga students with disabilities may have. However, some aruge that it is bad to have LRE because they feel that the students are not capable of keeping up the other students without the disabilities and it can be a set back for the teachers and the students to have to stop or make special accomadations for the students with the disabilities to keep up and learn with the other students.  Also, it can be harmful to the students self esteem in some cases if the students with the disabilities fall really far behind and cant keep up it may make them feel worse about themselves and get depressed.  Some feel the teachers dont have the patience and training to keep up with a student in the class with high disablities and some teachers dont want to put up with the extra training required.  I personally feel that its up to the students and the parnets, no child should feel left out and labeled because of a disability, i feel it can be so harmful to a kids self esteem by letting the kid have to learn in a special different class.  Let the kid be able to feel normal and gain confidence.  The only times i feel this is wrong is when the disability is really serve and needs special attention to the point it is a drag on the other students and teachers in the classroom.


  1. Integration and acceptance should be put first - just because a teacher doesn't have the patience to work a little extra with a student doesn't mean that the student should be penalized and put in a lower class.

  2. I agree with both you and Heather. A student's right to a good education regardless of having a disability or not is more important than a teacher's patience or making it easy on them.

  3. Good points Anthony everyone should have the right to learn at an equal level wether someone has a disability or not.

  4. all students should be given equal opportunity to learn, no matter what.